An Introduction to Module 3

Unlike Module 1 and 2, Module 3 is not usually conducted as a course of study followed by a written or practical exam. Instead, it is an extended assignment which the candidate has to work on their own. Although there are Module 3 preparation courses out there, candidates have to work extensively on the assignment by themselves, signing a document at the end which states the work is their own.

Module 3 has two routes or “options” as the Cambridge website likes to call them:

  1. Extending Practice and ELT Specialism
  2. English Language Teaching Management

My Delta tutor, who had taught following the old format of the Delta for many years, mentioned right at the beginning of the course that the new Module 3 is the offspring of what was “left over” when they revamped the Delta. Its main feature, left over from the pre-2008 changes, is the Extended Assignment or Project. The ELT Management route also involves extensive writing, but it is the first option which is overwhelmingly chosen by the vast majority of candidates. Continue reading